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CRT Displays

15 inch
15" VL501-1
15" VL50B-1

17 inch
17" VL701-1
17" VL701B-1

VL Series
Powerful displays built for reliability as well as performance, CTX Value Series has been the choice of millions of computer users for crisp text and colorful graphics. An intuitive user interface and attractive design further differentiate the CTX Value Series from other so-called "value" lines.
17 inch
17" EX701F-1
17" EX701FB-1

19 inch
19" EX951F-1
19" EX951FB-1

EX Series
A proud extension to our EX Series, the newest Executive "Flat" Series is a step-up from the regular Invar Shadow Mask flat square CRT technology. The monitor screen is truly flat! You'll get great image quality and performance all at an attractive price.


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