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CTX Products - Industrial Displays
Industrial Displays

Digital Signage Solutions
A complete Digital Signage solution, highlighted by an innovative integration of an LCD display monitor with a full-function digital media player in an elegant yet heavy-duty construction chassis.

Rack LCD
A flatpanel display for securing firmly on racks.It is a great option for server racks, cabinets, room controls, security monitoring and industrial solutions. For ease of pulling, there is an addition of handles. Designed for savings on space, power and money.
Open Frame LCD
Touch Screen

An Open-Framed LCD that comes with an extremely versatile open-frame chassis that can be used for special mounting applications, especially in KIOSK and industrial PC area. Supporting a variety of sizes to satisfy a broad range of application needs.
POS Touch Screen
Designed for harsh food service and retail conditions and make the most of your valuable finite counter space.
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